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You have probably heard about other people who started their own business
to make money online, but you don’t know how they did it.

Well bookmark this page, baby!
- Because you’ve just found out exactly where to start.

If you’re unhappy in your current job, you feel your boss takes you for granted or you feel you are worth a lot more than your current income – read on, because there is a way out.

In 2004 I decided to find out if it was really possible to make a living from the internet, and I have never looked back since. Two years later, I was able to quit my job, knowing that I was now earning enough money online to support myself, and confident that my income would rise every month whilst working only the same number of hours.

But I floundered a lot in the beginning. I didn’t really have a plan or direction. I got ripped off to the tune of $9,000 and when I finally found out who to trust, I fell prey to the biggest setback that most of us encounter in the beginning – fear. We only fear the unknown. Once you know what it is you need to do, there is no need for fear.

Learn from my mistakes! And instead of taking two years to become financially independent, you can do it a lot sooner.

It is perfectly possible for you to be in the enviable position of resigning from your day job in only a few months time. And to cap it all, your business will largely run on autopilot, so you can take time off whenever you want.

Imagine not having to commute every morning in the rush hour.

Imagine being able to produce a product once, then sell it over and over again 24/7, every day of the year.

Imagine working whilst wearing your pyjamas!

Imagine being able to live anywhere in the world because you are not tied down to any location.

Imagine not having to pay into an uncertain pension scheme every month, because you know for that sure you’ll have plenty of funds to support you when you retire.

Now, I know what you’re thinking:

Don’t I have to have a warehouse full of stock?
Don’t I have to have business experience?
Don’t I have to be an IT expert?
Does it involve sending spam to people?
Won’t it cost me a fortune to start up?
Is it a Get Rich Quick scheme?
Is it ethical?
Is there a limit to what I can earn?

Most people who go out to work are swapping their time for money. It’s impossible for them to earn any substantial amount of money because there are not enough hours in the day.

The reason you have found this page is because you know you are worth more than you are currently slaving away for, and you have taken your first step to put that right!

There are actually hundreds of different ways of making money online, but many people are successful at just one method. But why stop there? Most business owners will tell you that it is dangerous to get more than 10% of your business from one client. Well, I took that advice one step further. I never gamble, especially when it comes to business, so I decided early on that I wanted a minimum of 10 completely different streams of income. So if the worst happened, and one method fell flat overnight, I would have nothing to worry about.

I have been very fortunate to learn from some of the world’s best mentors, and I am able to report that I now have more than ten streams of income. And each income stream is really like a separate business. And yet all this is achieved by little old me sitting at my computer. No boss, no staff to worry about, no stock nor business premises and most importantly – no hefty bank loan to pay back.

The start up costs are extremely minimal compared to an offline business. I will tell you the best tools and resources to have onboard, and you’ll be surprised just how many resources are available for free. You can even do this if you’re totally broke. Seriously.

There is enough free information available online and via my newsletter to help you out if you’re broke, like I was. But if you have some money to spend, you’ll be able to purchase tools that will save you time.

I work in an ethical manner, and I teach others how to do so as well. If you would like to sign up for my regular newsletter, I will send you tips to get you started and examples of online success stories to keep you motivated. I will also give you steps to take in order to replicate what I did. And believe me, if I can do it, anyone can!

Let’s see how we can engineer your success!