The Law of Attraction

The One Million Pound Note

by Paula on August 18, 2010 · 0 comments

As a firm believer in the Law of Attraction (that what you think about, you bring about), and a member of The Secret website, I have downloaded the blank cheque template from there and filled it with an undisclosed sum – I’ll let you know if and when I reach the obscene amount.

But I just came across this great novelty gift of a One Million Pound Note from and thought that would also do the trick. The idea is that you display it somewhere, so you never lose sight of your goals and what you are working towards.

If you are not yet earning seven figures, you could always display this above your computer to improve your chances of doing so. But as The Secret will tell you; if you want something, don’t think about NOT having it, or you’ll just continue to NOT have it! You need to visualize already having it and it will more likely happen.

Also don’t whinge or complain about stuff, if you can help it. That has immediate effects – trust me!

And remember; being rich is not about just the financial side, but about enriching EVERY area of your life, and having total freedom to do the creative work you most want to do.